Meters per second

Eduardo Momeñe (Bilbao, 1952) says that photography cannot apprehend reality, because 90 % of reality is what cannot be seen and photography has no way to the unseen. This converts photography in a primitive language unable to tell stories; it says, but it does not tell.

To tell a story, pictures need captions or full texts, which are external to them.

Take, for instance, moving objects represented in pictures: there is no way of telling what was their speed when captured. You can reckon the required shutter speed to freeze an object that moves at such and such distance, speed, and trajectory angle, taking into consideration the size of the print, the visual acuity of the observer, the distance of observation and the size and pixel density of the sensor used. But it is impossible to work backwards, from the picture to the speed of the object.

So, we will show a number of pictures where the speed of objects is indicated.

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